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    New spammer in WHT?

    This is partially Feedback and also a Question so I think this would be the right forum for the problem.

    I just got an email saying that I had a private message here. I thought this was weird because I haven't come here for over a year (very happy with my hosting, thank you).

    It was message intitled "need hosting" from a guy called "dannydy" saying:


    are you still looking for hosting, because we can offer you

    I did a search for his name and found this interesting thread (look at the 13th and, currently, last message of the thread):

    dannydy / Maxium Hosting message

    I also noticed the Maxium Hosting is advertising under the name "Maxium Host", so this makes two accounts (which is against the rules, I believe).

    I don't remember how you report spam in these boards, though, and SEARCHing for "spam report" didn't help so if I'm doing this in the wrong forum or so, please inform me. (this is the Question part)

    Is this a spammer? Sounds like it.
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    I guess the mods must have received the email.
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    Let's see.....
    Thing about those spammers...they don't read or follow the rules.
    73's, Kim
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