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    Screwed by Nocster

    I was screwed by Nocster...

    I bought a Dual 2.4Ghz Xeon server and paid $213 a month for it. Well, I sold my clients and business and cancelled my server on the 5th of March. My billing period ended Feb. 29 and restarted on the 30th. That left 6 days between cancellation end of billing. Well, I didn't pay for my new billing period before the 5th because I knew I was cancelling my server. I thought I was only gonna have to pay for the server usage for those 6 days. Instead, I was told by Mike at BurstNet/Nocster that its policy that you must pay for you WHOLE next billing period which is Feb. 30 - March 29 or so. I was SHOCKED and disappointed big time for my server was already cancelled and now, I have to pay for almost of whole month of service even though I no longer have the server.

    Please help.......

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    Thats why you should always plan properly before anything. I mean, just quitting suddenly and expecting your provider to bill you the prorated amount is not correct

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    I think the title of this Topic is rather misleading, Nocster did not screw you.

    It is quite normal practice that you have to pay for the complete month when you cancel after a new month has started.

    You are talking about having to pay for the next month but you cancelled in march so you are in fact just paying for the current month. Quite normal.

    Nothing you can do about it and certainly not the fault of Nocster.

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    Well...I would be glad for a donation of $213 to pay for the billing period....from you

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    Most dedicated web host would require advance notice for cancellation and it would take effect right before the next billing month. If you read the terms and conditions when you sign up, you'll know this.

    You did say that your billing month starts at the end of the month as such you will need to cancel before that time so that that you will not be billed the subsequent month. Remember your contract is month-to-month and not day-to-day.

    Like if you rent an apartment, you don't go to your landlord today and say oops, I don't need this place now and have him refund you the prepaid rental or just need to pay the day-to-day rate.

    Nocster did not screw you and in fact, everywhere you go, it will be the same. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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