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    Arrow [For Sale] Website layout, Domain name

    Hello fellow WHT members, Im looking to sell a COMPLETE website layout, fully coded in html, all subpages and everything. Im also selling the domain name which the website design was made for. Some of you might have seen it in the past, but I no longer use it and I would like to try and sell it. Here is what you will recieve;

    1) All .psd files, fully sliced and ready to go.
    2) All .html files, .css files
    3) Fully coded layout, in html and css, including all required Images.
    4) Domain Name -
    5) Hosting if you need it. (which can be worked out later)

    Im not set on a price as of yet, how ever I am willing to trade all the listed above for a Hosting Layout, that is fully coded, including all subpages.

    I have included a Image of the site. which you can find Here I know it looks rough but I want to make it as hard as possible to rip. If you want a full demo, or a full screen 100% screenshot of it, Please let me know.

    You can contact me via AIM or email
    AIM - c pr0mpt cmd
    email - [email protected]
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    I would really like to sell this.. I am no longer needing a hosting design. ANY resonable offer will be looked at.

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    I also need to sell the stuff here as well, found the templates laying around on the harddrive, so here they are.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. Today i bring you what can only be described as an act of daylight robbery, yes thats right, you will be ROBBING ME BLIND if you buy these sites:
    Note - Number 10 is sold!
    Gosh i should call the police and report this crime...

    And all at knock down prices that can be negotiated via pm or e-mail: [email protected]

    Most first time offers are likely to be accepted as i need the money ASAP. Reasonable offers only thought, thanks.

    The payment method is paypal. cheers.

    any enquiries just pm me or e-mail me =), take care.

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