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    If you are looking for a good free host, skip these people. I was hosted with them for about 2 weeks and was happy with the service. However, that was before I realized that they have it setup to blindly redirect some of your visitors to their AMZ homepage. When I confronted them about this in their forums I was banned and my question was disregarded. They seem to be trying to hide this from everyone which is very dishonest and unprofessional. On top of all that, if you look at what they Claim to offer, 10GB monthly transfer...HaH! If you check up on that claim in their TOS it says you only get 1GB monthly transfer. Another blatent lie from the assinine admins of clubhost. If you need free hosting without the hassle and dishonesty, keep looking and dont even bother stopping to check them out.

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    uhh... there is a saying thatll back the treatment there up..

    *tries to think*

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