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    Using ZoneEdit with virtual hosting

    I am currently using the DNS provided by my virtual webhost but I am thinking about switching over to ZoneEdit for more control. My host is running the latest release of cpanel and apache. My question is that if I use ZoneEdit and I point the IP to my host, will the server automatically work? Is this even possible? Or do I need a dedicated IP?

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    It should work, as long as the domain is not deleted from cpanel. Good luck.

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    ZoneEdit looks pretty neat. So you would point your domain name to a name server on Zone Edit. And then your name server on Zone Edit will point to the IP address.

    The dedicated IP or virtual IP, or whatever IP is the one that is hosting your site. So your name server would point to this IP which hosts your website. Then, you will see your site!

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    Ok thanks. I just changed my nameservers over and I'll tell you if it works.

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    Hmm it doesn't appear to be working. How long does ZoneEdit take to update their records when I change the IP of the server? The DNS is already pointing towards ZoneEdit.

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    It can take anywhere between 24 to 72 hrs for DNS changes to propagate. I use Zone edit for DNS and it works fine

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    Ok cool it's working now.

    But email isn't Who is handling my email now exactly? ZoneEdit since they supply the DNS, or my host since they supply the server?

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    I was going to use this a while ago also. Doesn't it set it up so that tou use Zoneedits's nameservers and those are pointing to your hosts nameservers? So if you got a new host you would change where the zoneedit nameserveres were pointing and not have to wait for the change to resolve?

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    Since nameservers of your domain are now at ZoneEdit, you can use the e-mail service ZoneEdit provides to you (e.g. forwarding) but you can also set up MX record at ZoneEdit if you want your mail to be handled else where.

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    and pointing your MX to your web server IP should work fine. You will have to edit MX record at Zone Edit
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