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    I was wondering if you guys can help me. I'm a web designer/university student. I design about 10-20 pages a year(due to school or it might be drastically more.) I was wondering about a host. A Host that provides discounts or incentives for me to refer my customers to that particular host. Reselling might be good for me, but I don't have the time and resources for tech support for all my customers. that's why I want a host that provides the most incentive/discount for my potential customers. Any suggestions?

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    If you use the search feature at the top you'll find a lot of reputable and good hosts to refer your clients to.

    There are a lot of good hosts who visit this board as well that could probably meet your needs. Try to be more specific as to what kind of discounts and incentives you are looking for and maybe you'll get more replies.

    If you find a good host, reselling would be pretty easy and painless. The key is to find a good host. Investigate your options and make an informed decision. Better to take the time now than to waste time later!

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    Thumbs up Here are three of some the very good and reputed hosting companies

    This list is in alphabetical order. Each of these companies provide excellent hosting packages and very good support at very reasonable prices.

    But, as Tabs suggested, please do a search for some of the other equally good hosting companies too. That will surely give you a wider choice. You should be looking at three things primarily.

    <in order of importance>

    1. The features you need.
    2. The quality of support you will get.
    3. The price.


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