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    Problems with slow SBC Yahoo DSL Connectiopn

    Ok well yesterday I called SBC support and they seemed to be no help. They told me that my internet (which has been running unusually slower since yesterday) should be fine.

    Well it's not like that. When I try to load web pages (Yahoo, Microsoft in particular), they seem to hang and lag. Even with media sites like ebaumsworld.

    I took a speed test and the results are:

    Connection Type Connection Speed Faster Providers
    1092.4 Kbps 1092.4 kbps

    Which is good, but I'm not seeing the results. I'm in the Stockton, CA area code 209 if that makes any difference. Hopefully I will find out the problem and get my speed back to normal.

    Any suggestions?

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    I'm on SBC and I am not having issues.

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    you'd need to adjust your MTU Settings.

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