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    Im looking to sell for $150. It is a good domain for selling your pre-designed or custom templates. The domain expires in January 2005 and it is registered at Payments through paypal and easy push to your NameCheap account. All offers will be considered. No PM's until Friday the 19th which is when it will be decided who gets the domain. If someone already posts they want the domain for $150 you can "bid" them up. Highest offer wins.

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    I can not edit my post anymore and I just realized I did not make i t clear that you CAN make an offer lower than $150

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    ok, this aint sellin to well, so im lowering the price and adding 2 domains, now the 3 domains are:
    $40 each, 2 for $70 ($10 profit), or all 3 for $100 ($20 profit), or make an offer! Contact me through a PM!

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    those are 3 nice domains but i dont have the $

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