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Thread: Need some help.

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    Need some help.


    Some of you may have remembered me asking for some people to help me make a CMS for a site that is centered around The Sims Two, Well it was going just fine for a while (they started on it in september, and it was making some head way, First I was told it would be done by october 25, then november, then december, then january and so on. Well, I'm pretty much tired of having to delay the site so I've decided that Mambo CMS will do what I want with some help.

    I need some nice personn that will do this for free, we can work out some NON MONETARY payment. Basically, all you'd have to do is help me skin it correctly with my template, and then intergrate a download script with it because I don't want to use mambo's.

    Your help would be very much appreciated.

    Joseph Blossom

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    I'll do it for a banner spot?

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    I"m fine with that aslong as I can see some previous work and that I know you can know php quite well.

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