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    * Webhosting Script What would YOU reccomend?

    What is the script type of script wher you can edit fields called i.e.

    are there any avaliable

    or what hosting script would you reccomend.

    I am looking at spending upto 100 or $180 for it. If anyone has any reccomendations then please say - What else?
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    what exactly are you talking about?

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    As FatalSw1tch said it is not clear what you are looking for.. still you can search for almost all type of scripts
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    i've looked all over hotscripts and i can't find it.

    Some one her must of used the website building package on 20m. All im trying to do is find out what this type of hosting script is called and where i can buy one from - What else?
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    please define which script you mean exactly..

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    I think he's obviously looking for a signup script.


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    Also.. I was browsing that site just then and saw '.community architect'

    thats what they use, but im unsure of their URL...

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    20m - powered by google. Sure that's great for business.
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