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    Partners Wanted

    We are currently looking for partners for our new server based submission and optimization website. This is a great value added service you can offer your existing client base. This is also subscription bases so it is a great way to add residual income to your bottom line. This is a completly private label service meaning no where does it have any reference to our company. The website will opperate under your own domain and is completly customizable. You also collect all payments from your clients via your own paypal or merchant account etc. If you have a large enough client base we may consider waiving the $499 setup fee.

    buildtraffic .net

    Feel free to PM me if you would like additional information.

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    499 set up fee.
    You have to be kidding me...

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    Is it not a bad idea to charge your partners? Should they not get it free, if indeed they are partners?

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    The problem is there is extensive work involved in the set up of the partner site. If we offered it for free we would have everyone signing up as a partner and spend all of our time setting up partner sites. The $499 not only helps pay for the set up it also weeds our people who are not serious. The $499 is a minimal fee considering the revenue potential.
    For others who are interested we also offer an affiliate program with no set up fee.

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    I think not even 1 person is willing to pay that amount. Succes I would say!

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    The 'Advertising Forums' are not a place for you to criticize or pass comment on another user's advertisement. Comments such as "You could get a better deal at.....", or "Your price is way too high for that...", or "That design stinks....", etc. will be removed and your account will be suspended.

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    Originally posted by Marix
    499 set up fee.
    You have to be kidding me...

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    Is the offer still valid? Waving the setup fee.

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