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Thread: Making a movie

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    Making a movie

    This should be interesting. You must think quick.

    If you were to make a movie today, what would be the name of the movie and who would be your top 3 starring characters.
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    hehe, easy. It'd be a porn called "Pavleck's Dream" and star Angeline Jolie, Laura Prepon, and me!
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    The Fantasy Life

    Starring: Robert Marsh ~ the father
    Starring: Brooke Burke ~ the mom
    Starring: ME ~ the son

    It would be about Robert's life, his limo service, his hosting company, etc

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    Race against WHT SPAMMING, with Nicolas Cage, Julia Robets, and J-LO!!!!

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    Life in the Fast Lane, (Eagles Theme Song over my life...), starring someone who could fly 65 feet over a red light green light at 50 mph from the back of a motorcycle and crack a joke when they woke up, who could crack jokes with a .45 shoved in their mouth, crack jokes while performing surgery on themselves (and others...da-oooh! no! I never did that!) and learn to order Pizza, a room, find a piano, get a date and a pitcher of beer in 12 languages...
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