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    Unhappy Denied access to a web page

    I cant access to a web page:

    I am to only one how canīt see the page, verybody can view the site, except me.

    The only way for me to see it, it is by, but..: there are another posibility to ????

    It is possible to somebody to block my IP, even in the case if actually i am the web master of the site?????

    Please, somebody help me??

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    I can't access the site either.

    Did you recently update the DNS? it looks like it might still be propogating.

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    I'd say it's extremely likely the nameservers are still updating. Try to allow 72 hours (in this case, until tomorrow) before getting worried.
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    Looks like your Web Host is down.

    Im assuming your webhost is
    I cant access their Main page, if their site is on the same server then this could be what is causing your problems.

    Hope this helps

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    I can see it.
    Washington State.......................
    Loads fast also.
    No, it is not me!
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    mabe apahch fail,
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    Oh yeah, and your host is fine too, www doesnt work for them either...

    Would get that seen to though

    Good find Cavinti!!!

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    Thaks to everybody, I still donīt know what is the reason... but, actually, doing nothing, i can see the site.... I spend 3 days finding a solutions, 3 days...... and now, apparently it works without any intermitions.....

    Well, the site its back again... And thanks to everybody for wour comments and suggestions...


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    There domain expired, and it took some time for the dsn to update thats what happened.

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