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    <> Flash Tutorial Weekend Sale... Stating at $8 ! <>

    Over the weekend, I am offering a coupon for all flash tutorials at !!!

    During checkout, just enter the coupon code wht and you will save $10 on any order $30 and above! That's right!
    This coupon will expire Monday (3-15-04)!

    Some of the available tutorials are:
    -- cPanel X Skin
    -- WHM
    -- DNS Changes
    -- Email
    -- Ensim
    -- RVSkin

    Come see them for your self at:

    Remember!! These tutorials come with YOUR company logo for FREE and there are NO "Powered By..." logos to have to PAY to have removed!

    If you have any questions, pleaes click here

    Don't forget that we also do "custom" tutorials. If your clients need to be shown how to do a task, such as login to your billing center, let us make you a simple tutorial. Custom tutorials usually run about $20!


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    Hello I try to purchase with this coupon, but why expire, today is still 15-03-2004

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    Because today is Monday.... and the coupon expires on Monday.

    Give me 10 minutes and I will extend it though out today.

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    expired uh?

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    Yep... missed it by several days.

    Go here and tell me what you need and I will cut you a deal:

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    You will support Xcontroller soon?
    Emeric Olenga
    - Founder and CEO -
    In Hosting Since 7 Years! (1999)! Click here to see our Uptime

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    Actually, nobody has ever asked for that....

    I suppose I could create it if the need was there.

    Click here to contact me


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