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    Windows Server

    A shared server is fine i just need a windows server to run sam2 a streaming Application that streams mp3's to a shoutcast server,i currently stream from home but my connection isnt realiable enough,i already have the servers.I need about 10 gigs of hard drive space and around 50 gigs of bandwidth. I will need to be able to use some type of remote access app so i can control sam2.

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    462 is offering cheap Windows servers. As long as you can manage the server by yourself, are they a good choice.

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    Hm... 99 bux a month,i dont think i need a deticated server just for this one thing.For that much money i could buy another 60 shoutcast slots.

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    Affordable unlimited domain reseller plans
    Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

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    Originally posted by Boost you will find what you are looking for
    No Windows only linux is all they have,i need windows.
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    Bump, Still Looking.

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