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    Web hosting referrals?

    Whats the best ESTABLISHED web hosting company with an ESTABLISHED referral program.

    I know I have targetted advertising so I want to jump in right now with some web hosting advertising.

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    4,695 is the only one i can think of off the top of my head, no experience with them but i know they have been around a while.

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    Can you explain referral programs verus just being a reseller? i was always under the impression that you just get a % of other sales?

    Thanks Dale

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    I use AN Hosting. They are very helpful and I have had 0 downtime.

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    Referrals all you do is link to their site with an affiliate ID and you either get a commission (ie $25 per sale) or a % profit. ie. %25 profit per month.

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    Oh and I went with $65 per sign up.

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    Doesn't commission junction lists a couple of web host for referrals?
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