INTOEX Solutions offers hi-quality web-design and web-programming. Feel free to visit to see, what and how we are working.
Our prices are affordable, some examples of popular script prices are here
(for custom script creation):

Internet-catalog: $200-$250
Time to complete: 2 weeks
.user's part
- browse by categories
- catalog item detail information
- search by name and description, etc.
- comparing of items
.admin panel:
- categories managing
- adding/editing/deleting items
- uploading photos with thumbnail creation
- search logs

Dating-script: $400-$500
Time to complete: 3 - 4 weeks
.user's part
- basic site stats
- searching for users (user's listing, searching by parameters)
- profile editing
- uploading new photos
- messages box (for communication with other people)
- payment integration (PayPal, 2checkout, other CC processing systems)
.admin panel:
- user's stats
- payment's stats
- messages stats
- logs stats

Content Management System for your site: $100
Time to complete: 1 week (with testing)
user's part
- basic is news, articles, contact us form, order items
admin panel:
- adding/editing/deleting/archiving news, articles, order items

All scripts are writting from zero, they will not be resold to 3rd persons, no 3rd parties components are using.

Also of offer special CMS solution for web-hosting business - Comis for $49 (per one time payment). Look for it

All scripts are based on "templates" technology like smarty, with own classes for working with MySQL and InterBase databases.
Our hourly rates are $15-$20/hour.

Also we are looking for partners to handle your projects.

MSN: [email protected]
AOL: xelavworks
Email: [email protected]