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    Newbie Question

    1) I'm using redhat9, how can i actually add IP addresses to the network card, or the eth0? Assuming i got some IPs on the server, and connecting to server via SSH. And i want to add more IPs to the server

    2) The default SSH port is 22. How can i go about changing it to other ports?

    3) How am i about to create a "sub root", to be able to add/remove accounts via SSH? Perhaps also access to certain root directories. Any possibility?

    4) I would like to access to my PC via SSH, if i am outside. Is there possibility to do so? How can i do that then?

    Hope it's not that bad to ask these. Thanks.

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    1. should help you.

    2. Look on your server for the SSH configuration file, and change the port.

    4. It depends on the OS you're using. There are commerical SSH servers for Windows, but there are free ones for *nix

    Hope this helps.
    John Kata

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    I've read the URL as posted, and i'm grateful for it. However, will the etho1 authomatically be the server's main IP?

    Moreover, what is 1 have IPs from 2 different class, will the configuration steps be the same? If they are not, how are they differ?


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    Hi UncleMad,

    You can have virtual IP:

    Do the following step:
    1.go to #cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/

    2.#cp ifcfg-etho ifcfg-etho:1

    3.#vi ifcfg-etho:1

    4.#service network restart

    5.check out #ifconfig (now virtual ip configured.)

    You can change default ssh port,do the following:

    1.#vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

    port (number you want to change)
    listenaddress you want to change)

    2.#service sshd restart

    3.check with #ssh ip address --port:number
    (it will connect)

    Once ssh to machine with root priviliges you can do any thing.

    You can ssh to your ps using command ssh ip address or use third party utility.



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    What is the listening address used for?

    Also, if in anytime i want to limit SSH access to only 1 IP, how am i able to do it?

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