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    Linux Backup Utility

    Anyone can recommend Linux server back up utility which can backup and restore home directory, email, mysql etc... more or less like Cpanel WHM Transfer Multiple Accounts from other servers?

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    the best way of course is to backup with your own scripts (tar).... or if you prefer to save some bandwidth then rsync... for mysql use mysqldump command

    as always -> KISS

    ps. use pgp utilities to encrypt the files for security

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    You got the script for both tar backp up and mysqldump ?

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    ok there you go....


    cd /home
    tar -cvfz /backupdir/home.tgz .

    cd /backupdir
    /path/to/mysqldump -u root -pPASSWORDHERE databaseName > ./databaseName.sql
    gzip -9 ./databaseName.sql

    Where PASSWORDHERE is your root Mysql password, databaseName the data base name (it can also be --all-databases).

    ps. the only problem could be large files, for example over 4GB.. then you will need to implement 'split' or tar with the "size" option..

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    let say back dir is home2, please check the script below:


    cd /home
    tar -cvfz /home2/home.tgz

    cd /home2 -u root -p web123 databaseName > ./databaseName.sql gzip -9 ./databaseName.sql

    ***how to change it to all databases? Can you edit the scripts?

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    cd /home2

    /usr/bin/mysqldump -u root -p web123 --all-databases > ./all_db.sql

    gzip -9 ./all_db.sql

    hope this helps..

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    apollo, thanks for your help. How to make a restore then?

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    Why don't you use sysbackup? SySBackup
    It includes backup for:
    - DNS backup
    - MySQL backup
    - ensim virtual host backup
    - cpanel 6 compliant backup

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