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    Advice on reseller hosting for XOOPS


    I offer a personally supported hosting service for the XOOPS CMS/portal and the OSCommerce module myXOOPSshop, aimed at small businesses in the UK who want to make the most of what the Internet has to offer by using free software to provide a dynamic site where they can communicate with their customers, staff, suppliers, etc. My background is in working with corporates on their online presence, so I hope to bring my knowledge to the smaller business market.

    I left my previous hosts a couple of weeks ago as they (well their DC Burst) were down for an unacceptable 25 hours plus I generally wasn't happy with their service.

    I've spent ages reading through these forums, and even though there's a couple of interesting posts about them, current hosting plan 'de jour' is the 2.5Gb one from matrixreseller for $35pm. Reasons:

    * Integrated reller control panel H-Sphere
    * Large network-independent datacentre
    * Reasonably priced @ ~�20pm
    * Active forums with lots of learning resources

    * Seem to have problems offering Worldpay/paypal (from what I saw on the public forums - may have changed now I guess). This is a problem as I will initially be using Paypal subscriptions for payments (don't know of any other with free setup) then Worldpay, and most of my customers will use Worldpay
    * Subdomains and free sites - I was planning on offering a few free or very low cost accounts to local charities/organisations I'm either involved with or interested in helping. Would this be allowable?
    * Servers are US, I (and my clients) are UK.
    * Worried I am going to a too big a host, however the functionality offered certainly sounds good (especially automation of reseller functions, but not with no payment facility!)

    Any other recommendations or advice would be appreciated. If I had more money I'd get a BSD server from rackspace, but I don't yet...



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    Check out

    I've been a VERY satisfied customer of 24HostingNow for over 6 months. And although they are comparably cheap, they actually do have a 24hr support staff that has a clue as whats going me....I've tried them and used them-they probably are annoyed by me.

    Last night I made the investment to upgrade my account after personally discussing with the owner about possible plans and options.

    They are also very flexible and do have that genuine sense of support. Although not the largest hosting solution around, they are big enough to provide fast and consistently soild support but small enough to actually get real people who are willing to work with you. So thats my .02$ of there plans might fit what you are looking for and for the price and reputation I think it stands for itself. Look around the for them....I doubt you will read of anything bad about there service.

    So yea, enough my rave, 24hostingnow and forever (at least the next year).

    EDIT: Yet, are you sold on using M$ Server? ... Linux for me!

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    Nice ad

    Thanks, nice ad.

    No, I don't use M$ (or Linux come to that).

    BSD all the way...

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    I'm sure you can find a cheaper reseller plan for that amount of space with the same reliability and honesty. But I suggest you check out the web hosting offers forum or click on host quote up on the top right.

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    Alright, BSD works too =)

    Just putting in my thoughts - when I find a good thing I'm quick to voice my satisfaction.


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