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    [For Sale] Cheap, Blue Hosting Template

    I did this a long time ago, and yesterday, when I was getting ready to move, I found this on my computer. I'm selling it for $25, and it comes with just the .PSD.

    My host is down atm, so I'm hosting it at right now.


    Payment by PayPal

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    I think you need to follow the rules. You can only post URL's here if you've got 5 posts or more.
    Nice template though, good luck.

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    That is nice looking .

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    Originally posted by thinguy
    That is nice looking .
    thank you very much

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    Price dropped to $15, but it won't let me edit my first post

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    Sorry about the triple post, but I can't edit my other, but I just wanted to let you know that the layout has been sold.

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