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    [WANTED] Owned vBulletin License !

    im looking for an OWNED vBulletin liecense
    please post your details and the price

    Thanks Daniel Alon

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    How much are you willing to pay ?

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    Do you have aim ?

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    I don't have a license, but I thought I would point this out to Invision-Designs. If you add his ICQ number to your AIM list it will ask you what to name that member in "johndoe" to let you know its a icq screen name and not a aim member. AOL & ICQ are connected
    Kerry Jones

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    Daniel, It is HIGHLY advisable you NOT buy a vB license unless the mods review it and give the OK from vB.

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    please its urgent...

    i know and will verift the liecense with the mods

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    You don't seem to be on msn.

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    what is your MSN ID???

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