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    Dedicated Server Resellers?


    We will soon be offering dedicated server plans to our clients and I am wondering if server resellers are able to offer any benefits or better pricing? We would be looking to place these in The Planet or another dc of the same caliber. What would your recommendations be when expanding the hosting service to include dedicated servers? Should we be looking at colo, or trying to deal directly w/ data centers? We currently manage our own servers and have the resources available to install, manage and monitor the new servers.

    Any information, thoughts or comments are appreciated. Thanks.

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    If you talk to the datacentre/server company you are dealing with then after so many sevrers, they may give you special discounts etc. For instance, one of the contracts we have allows us to get 1 free for every 10 we resell and 4 free for every 20 we resell, which I think is very very good.

    Nocster offer a reseller with which I think you can get something like 25% off the standard price, therefore allowing you to undercut them.

    Dont forget a lot of customers simply want a more managed solution then a lower price. If they wanted a really low price, they wpuld probably just go to the seller direct - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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