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    phpBB theme and mods needed for MD forums

    Due to being recently diagnosed with MD I started working on a phpBB forum for MD related discussion.

    The forum is:

    Anyway, I bought a logo for it, and got the basic content put together.

    Hoping someone might wish to donate some time or an existing phpBB theme for it that matches that of the logo in some way, particularly the colors.

    Also, I am hoping to find someone familiar with modding phpBB to add a few mods that interest me. One thing that stands out right now is the need to make this forum very search engine friendly so that hopefully I can generate more discussion by allowing the site to be found.

    If anyone cares to help out that would be very appreciated. I dont have much money to offer for any of this, but if money is what you want please let me know and I will see what I can do.

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    I think I can do this. If you could contact me on AIM or MSN. Then we could talk about it more. Thanks

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    i though you were talking about minidisks lol

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    You have got a lot of forums there. It may be a good idea to cut most of those out until you get established. It can be a big turn off to see many foums with very few posts but a turn on to see a few relevant forums with a lot of posts.

    I hope you do not feel offended by the advice and unasked for review but it is such a good idea you need to step off on the right foot.


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    Not offended at all and I took your suggestion and cut more then half of them, and yet I still have alot. :-)

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