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    Smile Tutorials Series


    Do you get tired of your new customers clogging up your helpdesk and inbox with simple-queries? want to cut your ticket time in half? Then this the answer for you. I have produced 8 seperate flash tutorials that cover:

    - creating an e-mail account, (Cpanel)
    - password protecting a directory, (Cpanel)
    - setting up a mysql db, (Cpanel)
    - getting to grips with redirects, (Cpanel)
    - using the file manager, (Cpanel)
    - ftp (xp),
    - deleting mysql db's and e-mail addresses (cpanel) &
    - webmail (cpanel).

    Each tutorial is customized to display your name and your site you can view the "creating an e-mail account" by clicking here. Do not attempt to steal it . So what's the price? Only 50$ compared to competitors thats nothing they charge $25 on average per template and we give you 8 for only 50$.

    If you'd like to make a purchase or need more information please PM me or make a post with contact e-mail (aim, e-mail or msn) below.

    Thank You,

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    hey arthur,
    i really like your tutorial.

    I think that 6.25 for each tutorial is a really fair price.
    You could still show some of them, and put a watermark saying : DEMO.


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    Yea have to admit we are very pleased with flash tutorials for our customers! Its a must buy for anyone who want to provide a quality service for their customers. Once again thats Arthur, prices are great, service was great, hope you can make us more in the future.

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