I am looking for a Tech Support job.
Ticket Based
Live Chat Based
Messenger Based
Any type of tech support is possible.
I know a enough of the following:
Modern Bill
Perl Bill
Ensim (I have also used Ensim for a few weeks at one point, I can honestly say i don't know much about this one. But can easy learn it.)

I also know some basic shell commands and can easy learn other commands and programs that may help me.
I can also learn any other types of software you may use on your servers.
I also have experience in installing the following Game Servers:
Unreal Tournament 2003
Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo Server
Counter Strike
Call Of Duty
Any other type of Linux Game Server I can easily install with little problems I am sure.

I am available (All times are in GMT):
Sunday: 2PM till 12:30AM
Monday: 9AM till 11PM
Tuesday: 5PM till 11PM
Wednesday: 2PM till 11PM
Thursday: 9AM till 11PM
Friday: 5PM till 11PM
Saturday: 2PM till 12:30AM

I am willing to be either paid monthly or per support ticket completed.

I would prefer monthly. Payment can be sorted out via PM.

Please feel free to PM me with any questions.
Or AIM: ChrisMayhew17