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    Photoshop Templates size???

    Hello people

    I would like to ask you something:

    Which is the size you use the most when u make a Photoshop layout/template??

    770*600 ?? 720*550 ??? 1024*800 ??

    Let me know please !!!

    Thanks a lot in advance


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    something that will fit at 800px (780px) wide without resizing. people dont mind scrolling down too much.
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    I always start at 800 but sometimes make them more narrow (for example, 780 has been popular with me lately for some reason).
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    I design at 780*600 and ususally end up changing the 600 to a higher length if needed

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    780 pixels wide on an 800x600 will cause a scroll bar horizontally on many browsers. For 800x600 you really shouldn't go wider than 760 pixels.

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    I always make my ttemplate 750 width, then the height for me only needs to be about like 300 so i have room for my footer and banner. the middlesection i just take off the height atribute in the slicing coding so it automatically makes it the height I want.

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    I always size mine at 780pixels wide, by 600 pixels in height..then if I need to make it taller, I go to "image" "canvas size" and make it taller from there

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    750px wide doesnt matter the height as all my templates adjust to the content.

    780px does definatly cause scroll bars on some browsers
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    Thanks a lot guys

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