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    Can anyone tell me if is down??

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    I can reach the site. Seems slow though.

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    Unhappy Is Futurequest down?

    I am posting this for my daughter who cannot register as she cannot receive email...

    Since Thursday afternoon I have had problems ftpíng my site , downloading email or accessing the CNC panel. I canīt get to the homepage either.

    My site is still up - at least the homepage is - although connection to internal pages is dead slow...

    I am very happy with Futurequest and canīt believe that such a good service would have been down for so long. Please, can anyone give me any feedback about what is happening or idea as to when normal service might resume?

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    The only other thing that occurs to me is that perhaps the account has been suspended??

    I paid the futurequest bill and received a receipt that the payment was processed but it is odd that all this should happen just about the time when the renewal had to be paid.

    Please, please someone from Futurequest, could you comment as I may have emails that are important to my business.

    e10 (using P Hume account)

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    It looks like a problem with your ISP.. as is loading fine for me.. just as fast as normal.

    I'd contact your ISP and see if they can resolve your problems.

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    Just as a quick follow-up (didn't see this thread earlier)...the problem did appear to be with the ISP and was not with FutureQuest

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    Sorry Deb,

    I did acknowledge that it looked like the problem was caused by the ISP and apologised to FQ on another thread. Shouldīve done it here...

    In fact I was finally able to download email on Sunday and there of course was a reply from FQ which had been sent the same day as my initial query to FQ. I responded to that email on Sunday and within half-an-hour got another reply from FQ. Great stuff!

    Anyway, the ISP is still having problems with email not downloading for half the day and a dodgy connection.

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