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Thread: Should I stay?

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    Should I stay?

    I've been using resellers account for a year now, and been very satisfied with it until some weeks ago.

    Almost no downtime in a year, just some minor downtime due to kernel upgrades, hardware update, etc.

    But lately I've experienced some downtime.
    One HDD failure and the kernel problem (see
    I know this isn't my hosts fault, but many of my customers doesn't know how hard it is to keep a server up 99.x%.

    All my sites/customers sites has been down now over 12+ hours.My host is going to get a new server from ThePlanet asap.
    I want to stay. Great support, excellent uptime (exept lately) and fast servers.

    I haven't checked prices elsewhere, but it costs $160 annually for 2GB space / 10 GB Transfer, and additional $36 for 1 GB, and $84 for 10GB transfer (all prices annually).

    I need 6GB and 20GB transfer, private ip for my webpage ($12 year) and private nameservers ($24 year).

    I pay $424 annually ($35 monthly) for this service. Should I just pay some more and get a server? The only problem is that I'm located in Norway, and can't physically access the data centres I want to store my server. Do they provide support at low cost?

    Is this expensive, or do I have to pay this much for a great service like this? (server located in ThePlanet)

    In advance, thanks

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    I think that the prices are affordable. Certanly, there are cheaper prices and more expencive services. IMHO with your needs, i think you are to pay more attention to the quality of providing services

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    Well this is business only a Captain has to go down with the ship
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    A hard drive failure is inevitible, no matter what host you go with. It will happen sooner or later. Where a host will really shine is if they are able to restore everything with little or no data loss.

    I personally would wait and see what happens when they have you back and running again. If nothing is lost, stick with them. If you have to start fresh, it might be time to look again.
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    if you are planning to move just bcoz of some unfortunate hardware failure.. then that could happen to your dedicated server as well.. and I think it will consume much more of your time and efforts managing a dedicated server then your reseller account. .. As Coach said, even I would suggest wait and see how well they get back..
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    Considering you got great service so long I'd stick with them (considering that they handle the problems in a satisfactory manner). Listen the advice of the Coach.

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    Yeah. Guess I'll stay.
    Great service.

    It has gone over 24 hours now. They are replacing the server as we speak. Lost some customers today, but 98% of the rest understands the situation and realises this is something that can happen to anyone, and isn't just a sloppy mistake.

    Thank you all for your time

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    My experience with Thomas Tremain) @ has been good. so far. He is very personable too. Easy to deal with. I have no downtime past a few seconds so far.

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