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    problems with hosting company looking for a new one

    I have been trying to update my website for about a week now. I have been having nothing but problems. I have contacted both the software compnay I am using "CUTE SITE BUILDER" and my hosting company. I update the site via the cute site builder and it looks great . I publish the site and nothing changed. I then tried to use Front Page and the whole site went poof. I now only have a page that says index and parent directory. I have sent numerous emails to the hosting company and recieved things back of course none of them helping me. Like oh your files all need to be in the html folder . Did that it and didnt work. Last nite a friend in chat tried to fix my problem and realized that my domain name wasnt even pointing to my hosting company????? I contacted them and they say now that they pointed my domain to the right site???? Shouldn't they have checked this before giving me all this incorrect information???? I have been with them for 2 years and my contract is up. I now tried again to update and its giving me a permission denied error. I pay 16.95 a month for this and I should at least be able to update my website.

    I'm looking for a new company to host with.

    I need to be able to update my site without these many problems. I would prefer a company that is compatible with cutesite builder . I have my whole site finished and would not want to start over again with another program.

    I dont have a big site its 3.3 mb . I would like to add pictures occasionaly and dont want this much hassle when trying to do it.

    Thank You for your time

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    Firstly Ftp and Frontpage don't mix...if you use FP and Ftp together, your entire site is going to get it did in your case.

    I'm not sure what this cute websitebuilder uses for publishing...but other than Microsoft, everyone else uses standard technology i.e. FTP. Only Microsoft has the musclepower to support push their own protocols.

    So, my reasonable guess is that your website builder uses Ftp and you tried the site got deleted.

    BEST way is to use WHATEVER builder you want and then use any free Ftp client and upload your site. Example Aceftp is a free Ftp client.

    Regarding bad support from a hosting co....that's neither unusual nor new. Hosting is a service industry and customer satisfaction is based upon support.

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    Hello and welcome to WHT.

    I'm sorry to hear about the problems w/ your current host. You can search these forums for some excellent providers. You can also use WHT's new Host Quote tool.

    Good luck w/ your search.

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    I think you've made right decision - and what about choice of web hosting providers - there are a lot of them. You may use SE, any Directory or WHT to find it.
    Good luck!

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    Thank You. The cute site builder is FTP and the hosting company implied that my software was corrupt and suggested the Front Page program. That makes me wonder if they really know what the hell they are doing. Thank you for the hosting company info . I'm on my way to finding a new host.

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    maybe this helps you with your FTP problem
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    Hi zbear,
    I believe cute sitebuilder/editor is part of cuteftp, so that is what you should be publishing with, NOT FP. - Quality Web Hosting - Under A Gig! - Since 1999

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