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    Wink Whats The Fastest Host To South-East Asia

    Hi, I live in Hong Kong, at current I have a few hosting accounts but they are usually 5 times slower than local Hong Kong servers when I view them from home. (250kbytes/s max as opposed to 1.3Mbytes/s max).

    When the internet is busy my pages can take quite a considerable amount of time to load.

    Since my site is mainly for local people, I was wondering if any of you know any good hosting providers with fast connections to Hong Kong. Most of our local hosts are trash. They are either too expensive or require you to pay 1 year in advance.

    Let me know if you have any recommendations.

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    Wholesale Domain Prices for Retail Customers -

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    e3zz, it really depends on many things, the server location, your ISP (is it netvigator?) do you use proxy on your browser, etc.

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    Fill in a host quote

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