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    Looking For Cheap Dedicated Server

    Ok. here's what I'm requesting.

    Celeron or P4 2.4ghz processor
    One or Two 80 gig HD
    512MB-1GB ram pc-3200
    5 or more free ips
    1000gb(1tb) b/w per month

    For lower than $80/m, can anyone do this? Thanks!

    I checked Managed and their low end servers (same as what i requested just about) are all out. So I'm looking for some more sources.

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    I suggest you use the "Host Quote" form located in the top nav bar. And then also look in the "Advertising Sections" there is probally more then a few vendors in there that can help you.

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    You may want to try or - they both deal with servers and they are very nice to talk to as well. Prices are cheap and the servers are also managed by the above hosts together with's own support.

    Cheers - Dav
    Gotta check out this superb site...

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