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    do all adsense clicks count?

    Hey forum,just wondering whether wheni check my adsense report I'm guaranteed the payout they display? (provided they clicks were ligitimate)

    What I'm gettingat is does the report count clicks from the same user within 24hours even tho they aren't goingto pay you for them?


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    Yes, you will get that money it displays - at least I have.

    Its google - I dont think they would risk $5 on a small account to lose their reputation..

    Same question here.

    Because they dont have a restriction on where you place your banner..

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    If the click was recorded and you were credited with the money, I would suppose that they are planning on paying you for it.

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    thanks, that pretty much answers my question

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    Hey I'm quite happy with adsense, I got my first cheque yesterday. URL redirection

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