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    New To Webhosts..Need Answers

    How is it going all. I am new to the webhosting deal. I know HTML and know how to do graphics (really amateur at both), but yet to know and understand webhosting. I could read this stuff day to day and not get it. What I am requesting is someone who I can email to help me out with what I am looking for.

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    i would suggest that you should first learn some basics of webhosting from some good site or book.. Email to learned people here should definitely help and with books/site you can really give a proper and systematic understanding to these things..

    Also a daily stop at WHT should give you some good knowledge about Industry and way it goes..
    This is just my personal preference..
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    Re: New To Webhosts..Need Answers

    Originally posted by Eternalistic
    . . . .What I am requesting is someone who I can email to help me out with what I am looking for.
    *Note to members. Please don't fill the thread with "e-mail me" posts. I know it's what he asks, but maybe you could include something for other members when you post. Although, contacting the thread starter through other means is an option as well.
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    Well here is a site that may be of help:
    You might want to look for a smaller host that can, will assist you.
    Sounds like you have the first step down so as far as webhosting goes I would recommend you first register your domain name and then signup for webhosting.
    You can register the name somewhere like for 13.50 year.
    Signup for should receive a welcome letter from your host with account info.
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    Eternalistic, so basically you have some basics of how to build a site down, and now you want to host that site you've just built, with a host. You're taking the first steps into an amazing world.

    For hosting - look to pay around $10/mth for minimum resources. You won't need much resources to begin with.

    Also "hang out" in communities like this and Ask questions, get involved, and don't forget to use the Search button too.

    Have fun.

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    Originally posted by Martie
    . . . You will be an expert in no time
    We all started out as newbies!

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    Sitepoint for sure is a very good place to start. You get all the coding help you will need. Take your time and read older posts from the archives on all the forums. Ask detailed questions - not very generic ones. A detailed question should get you detailed answers. Generic questions don't get answers at all - or very generic ones which might raise more questions than does it help.

    Good Luck.
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    Take look at You will find useful information there.

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    I appreciate all the help you guys are giving. I will be using this forum a lot, so please look out for me and help any way you can. I learn HTML all on my own and I am just gettinginto doing a little graphic design. I am in no way an exepert in those but I do know enough to get me by and I am willing to learn a great deal more. I just hope you all are her to give me help when I need it. Thanks.

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    And you would also be better off getting a host based nearby, just incase you want to call them for some help.

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