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    Please review my 2 sites

    Hello everyone I am the admin of which is a Counter-Strike gaming download/community site, I used PHP-Nuke basically because of it's simplicity, with a premade theme which, though I asked for a logo design (didn't do it myself), done some icons for topics though, If you could review it please I will really appreciate
    My second site is a Counter-Strike gaming clan site which was designed entirely by me in photoshop (this is My first template ever done by myself so please be nice) you can view the site (though it's not yet fully done -
    and you can view the blank template here :
    I would really appreciate reviews on those 2 sites, thank you
    Kirill Smirnov

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    CS-Directory is ok, but kind of primitive looking.

    The rip-clan, on the header, the text is too small, it is hard to see what it says.
    I think it is not high enough, width is fine.

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    Did you create the illustration in the header?

    I think it could be stronger. Maybe get rid of the "grassy" green background -- I believe a solid colored background would be stronger -- maybe orange or red or something.

    Also the way the 2nd man to the right has his arm over the 3rd man to the right -- I don't know if that image would be appealing to your demographic but the drawing technique could be improved -- it doesn't look natural. Of course, never mind if you didn't create the illustration.

    Next, the body text starting with "We are Glad to have you " would look stronger if it's left aligned instead of centered.

    Finally, the most striking thing about your site is that animated banner,, and I don't think that's a good thing. It's too bold and overwhelms everything.

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    In your, your header banner is too short. It leaves quite a gap. Otherwise, the site looks fine.

    I agree with lindn about that arm over the shoulder guys. The arm is drawn badly. Ditto his suggestion for the text to be left aligned.

    I don't really care for the font you used in your nav bar. It's too difficult to read.
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    It looks so quaint,i feel so @ home there!!!!

    The other one was OK also,but didnt do the same for me as cs did!!!!!!!! I think you should concentrate on your CS site,you got a good thing going there!!!!!!

    The Dude

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