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    Question 1and1 issues - please advise

    Here is the background information:
    We have been hosted with 1and1 US (their free promo package) without any problems up to this moment. We transferred our main business domain to them just recently as well (developer package). We have had no problems with customer support any time we needed to reach them. (they respond in a timely, corteous manner, even at 1 AM CDT). Some issues have taken a longer time than others, but we can not complain overall. All phone support and email support has been reasonable.

    However (I wouldn't be here otherwise)

    We have a client that needed a web presence for his business (company contracts with the government). Satisfied with our experience with 1and1, we suggested he sign up with them, which he did. Signup went smoothly, he registered new domains with them, all setups done.

    He then went about using his email and contacting his customers, only to find out that his emails are being bounced back from a specific TLD. The message he gets is:

    A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following addresses failed: [omitted] Connection timed out: retry timeout exceeded

    Upon inquiring with tech support what was wrong, it took a couple of tests and tries and they finally said that they were able to reproduce the problem. Problem being that 1and1's smtp server is blocked by the domain in question. Now that is a critical problem for the client in question since all his business revolves around corresponding with addresses in that domain.

    Further inquiry told us that there is no immediate fix and that the domain in question might not unblock their smtp and that the matter is being looked into, without any idea of a timeframe. Obviously this is not acceptable.

    We asked then if the client could be switched over to a root server as a show of good will (not implying here he was not willing, despite the trouble, to pay - quite the opposite), set him up with his own SMTP server and solve the issue that way. Time-criticality is a major factor here.

    We were told that they could do that, but it would require extensive tech knowledge to run a root server AND that it would not be ready before another 3-4 days (not an option here). We asked about a managed server - but a managed server, we were told, would not solve the problem, because once again the SMTP server would be 1and1's.

    Another option we were recommended is to find a mail only service provider and change MX record to solve the issue. Why in the world would we pay MORE money for a service that should be available, and is available with other host providers (own SMTP server) AND lose those very capabilities 1and1 offers in term of Web Mail?

    The level of frustration has been getting higher and higher for us in an attempt to solve this issue. Bottom line is that we were told to wait it out, but we can not do so.

    At this point, we see ourselves forced to change web hosting altogether and do so in a very critical time frame.

    Does anyone have advice on how to proceed? This is not intended to be inflammatory to 1and1 (as said above, their customer and tech support has been available, just not able to provide a solution).

    Thanks in advance.

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    It's pretty frustrating, I know. On one of my good friend's old servers, he was falsly accused of spamming (still, to this date, there's no proof), and was blocked from sending emails to AOL and YAHOO email accounts (which is a very large bulk of internet emails). Once you're blacklisted, there's pretty much nothing you can do but appeal the decision with those who blocked you, or as you said, set up a new SMTP server, or switch servers altogether.

    If time is a critical issue for you, it may just be wise to move the website. It's 3-4 days to fix the problem (as they gave that timeline to you), versus 1-2 days to fully propigate the DNS to a new server. In the meantime your client can always use an external email address to communicate with the urgent parties as you are waiting for a solution.

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    This isn't really 1and1's fault -- the other company is blocking them.

    Just find another SMTP server to send mail through (often your ISP will give you one with whomever you use to connect to the internet). Relay your mail through that and it will go through.
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    Just use smtpsever on the persons computer.
    Makes a personal/business computer a smtp server.

    A free programs.

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