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    599 Down? Not anymore.

    Headline: Takes Care of Control Panel Exploit

    March 14, 2004 (Astoria, NY)—Soon after BestReseller’s recent upgrade to CPanel version 9.0, an exploit surged through the company’s web servers like a mosquito during the early morning of March 13, 2004. BestReseller server administrators were able to rescue server’s two, three and four, but were unsuccessful in preventing the attack on server one. The compromised server was left vulnerable after the CPanel version 9.0 flaw allowed a hacker to scan a network of internet protocol addresses with a high risk of vulnerability to its databases.

    Ryan Milnes, Founder of condemns the recent attacks, “The individual or individuals responsible for this have not only attacked our web servers, but they attacked our customers businesses,” during the outage, mail servers and MySQL databases were knocked out before the server was later taken offline, “[] administrators have been working on it [the attack] since 10:00 A.M.” In collaboration with the LiquidWeb data center, an investigation is in the process to secure the servers from further vulnerability such as todays. officials conclude that the recent upgrade to CPanel version 9.0 was made to escape flaws of its later version. Milnes praises the actions of the data center and server administrators by thanking them for their hard work to rectify the situation.

    More information on is available at:

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    Well i am currently using Bestreseller and I am quite satisfied. They do not seem to have serious problems anymore. Lack of support is however still an issue, but I think it will be OK

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    Well, it is good to know that things are getting better. But it isn't good that those people's hosting biz's were messed.

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