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    Looking for investor for online store

    I com from Beijing of china.Having specialized in purchasing and exporting digital products of OEM for many years in China, I expertise on function and price about them. Based on much experience in marketing operation of digital products in China, I decided to set up an online store to sell them directly to chinese and world-wide individual for both good profit and increasing consumer.
    If we sell the digital products which are marked with self-owned brand on the net, the profit should peak at over 20% though at the price of 30%-50% off the market price. Because we benefit from lowest cost by purchasing all kinds of digital products from OEM factories in China. As a unique online store, the revenue are not only from selling but also from advertising, agent service and market consulting service, at the same time, for there is no such a website like mine, we can turn our policy of selling in the lowest price and gain into reality quickly.
    Setting up the online store in China needs an investment of use US$1,500,000.00 in advance, the annual predictable revenue are not lower than US$1 million at the beginning of 3 years.
    According to the characteristics of selling online, the products we choose should be vogue, small-sized, high-valued and easy delivery, for example: dvd series、Digital camera、Digital DV、MP3 series、USB flash drives series、OnlyDisk series、USB2.0 Hand Disk series、GPRS MobileDataSta、communicate products ect.
    If you are interested in my proposition, please contact me, we make and discuss further.
    E-mail:[email protected]

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    $1.5 Million?

    May I ask why you will need such a large amount to open an online store?

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    $1.5 Million US, thats quite a lot for an online store.

    I think what he means is that this capital would be used for the business brand overall. Obviously it wouldn't take 1.5 mil to create an online store, but would take that much for hiring employee, incorporating, inventory stocking, warehousing, etc.

    Good luck with your business.

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    And don't forget that the general costs in China is way lower than that in the USA.

    A Hotmail account was probably used to not disclose the domain name they are working on.

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