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    * Can anyone make my flatfile based forum software WAP accesible?

    I need someone to change my flatfile based eblah forum software ran site into a WAP accessible software site, similiar to what does to ipb, vb or phbb2.

    My site is at

    The model I would like for you to go by would be the Full Featured package

    But I can do without the following features to their Full Featured package (seen here at ):

    • News feed is not needed
    • Themes function is not needed (the current default theme to my site is fine with me or just plan black and white with my logo up top)

    Or if you can just re-do mysite (will retaining features such as posting, searching, PMing, viewing profiles, etc) in a shrunked down version for WAP access (admin options not needed for WAP access) then that would be perfect also

    What would the price be and what would the project time be if you can do it?

    Let me know


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    What sort of budget do you have?

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    Yes i could do this in around 3days for $200

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