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    The best way to move

    I need help with the best way to move from one host to another.

    both my dedicated servers have cpanel so obviously moving the accounts isn't the issue.

    what is the best way to go about moving to avoid downtime during the DNS propagation?

    Is there a way to setup the old server to forward all requests to the new server for both mail and web. that way my down time is only from when i move the stuff and setup the forwards?

    any help would be great. thx

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    leave both sites up is the best way. Give the dns 72 hours before your disable the old site.

    Or, you can setup a

    add a alais to your new server.


    On server 1 Redirect /

    And change your dns. People with cached entries will be forward to www2. which is on your new server

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    what about with email?

    people have these backup servers.. shouldn't that be able to work when doing a dns deal.. have all email forward to the new server?

    WHM mentions this whole setup a trust with another server and such and all that jazz

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