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    $5.99 "Name Only" account at Enom

    What is it?
    How much does it cost?
    Reseller account required?

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    It doesnt let you set dns or anything to use the domain. Then when you do decide you want to use the name, they bill you further money - works out very expensive, unless you just plan to buy and sell domains without using them.

    (i think)
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    Thanks for the fast reply UH-Matt

    Are there any other limitations?

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    ok UH-Matt, I finally found the help files i've been looking for at enom's website.

    For any who is interesting, a reseller account is required and for activating the "name only" domain you have to pay approx. $4 for the remaining year (whatever that means).

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    It's not bad if you want to register things like or whatever, just so other people don't nab them.
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    Yes, but actually in that case I spend $1 more and redirect the .org version to the main domain name. I see no point on using it. Frankly.... I have about 1000 resellers and don't remember that any of them used this feature.
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