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    Atrivo/hostany Network

    Since March 3rd ive noticed some major network instability, anyone else notice it or having problems?

    I tried contacting atrivo to no success, i noticed they hang around on these forums tho so maybe this will get their attention...i just want to know whats up and if your fixing it.

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    I have just ran traceroute to and it looks pretty normal.

    What is the problem actually?

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    I dont see any network instability on my Atrivo box in the last month according to the mrtg.
    The only thing i can think of that might cause this for you is the fact that they recently added Broadwing as a network providor..
    If you dont have Emil's UIN i can pm it to you.

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    Yes the only downtime they had was the addition of broadwing and it was very short, otherwise we have had no network problems.

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    yeah could you pm me Emil's UIN.

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    They have added Broadwing transit, if you're having any problem, you could contact Emil and he would reroute traffic by AS

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    Broadwing is routed really ****** right now for me and alot of my customers. Personally for me it takes me half way accross canada, then to chicago then to san Francisco, i live on vancouver island which is directly north of san francisco.

    Anyways this has gotten pathetic, im dissapointed with the lack of communication atrivo has shown me. Anyone know of a good sanfrancisco datacenter.

    I need two dual xeon machines and one celeron...and ill be more then happy to move.

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    Hi BulletProof,

    I am sorry but I never did receive any e-mail from you or any phone call. If your routing is messed up, please let me know and I can probably fix it.

    I know that we have all become used to e-mail, but it really does only take 5-10 seconds to pickup a phone and call.


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    didnt have your phone number..i was a hostany customer, and hostany didnt even tell me you guys took over, i found out via these forums, heh.

    Now that i have your phone number ill give you a call tomorrow. Ill sum it up quickly here..alot of my customers have some very severe routing issues ever since you added broadwing. Customers from canada, seattle area, and even within san francisco. Ill gather all of my customers traces and forward them to you if it helps.

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    I think I prefer the "old" Hostany over Atrivo......doesn't matter anyway....Im not a client anymore!

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    Without looking at who your isp is, my guess is that your isp is Optus. The problem is that Broadwing has a lot of direct peers, which is great because that decreases the ammount of hops and provides a straight path into your server.

    But the current problem is that some of the peering points are in Chicago or Dallas, which is not good if your coming from Vancouver, Seattle or even SF like you mentioned. Then you can ask why don't you come in through another one of our providers which will have lower latency. And the answer is that BGP does not look at latency and only looks at the provider with the least ammount of hops ;-(.

    Now why would we do that since we are in SF! Well in a few weeks Broadwing is lighting up a peering session with most of the peers in PaiX, Palto Alto right down the street. Which means that 99% of these routing issues will be fixed and the picture will change immediately.

    Believe me we are pretty heavy in game servers, so we are working to get this fixed asap and we added Broadwing for a reason ;-).

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