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    Help on coming up with the right price

    I just bought a dedicated server which I host a few of my clients on. It's completly paid for by them but I would like to host a few other people on it to make a little bit of extra cash. (Maybe expand later with another server)

    It is a 3.06 Ghz with 1 gig RAM 120 GIG HD

    One of the perks is that no more than 50 people will be hosted on the server. Resource usage is extremly limited... only 20% of the RAM is ever utilized at one time and CPU usage is always minimal so its extremely fast.

    Additionally I also provide access to the Zend Performance Suite so clients can use its PHP caching, compressing, and compiling abilities. (

    I would probably have a hosting package with small configurations

    200, 400, 600 mb of space
    10, 20, 30 GB of transfer respectivly
    Control Panel: Plesk 7
    Supports JSP

    I have never seen a host that supports the Zend Performance suite probably because its uber expensive. I was hoping some of you might have input on how much you would charge for a package like this.

    Mainly i am trying to play on clients who want high performance rather that high volume.

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    I have no experience about this.
    Sorry to tell you.

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    Originally posted by Nicolle
    I have no experience about this.
    Sorry to tell you.
    So why post at all if you don't have anything to contribute?

    Anyhow, since you're trying to make some extra money off of it, and only 50 customers, calculate the cost of Zend and apply it across the 50 customers and see if you can draw up so monthly figures. Make sure you don't make your prices too low, because that's a unique addition to a hosting package. You might also want to consider an even cost scale (i.e. $8, 10, 12, etc. or higher increments). Basically, decide how much you want to make and factor in only 50 customers and go from there. Hope this has helped in some way.


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    Thanks for the advice. That sounds like an easy way to calculate.

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    Also remember this:

    1) All new clients are "profit" clients since the current ones pay for the server.

    2) After you do what Waylon suggested, look at the final prices you came up with. Do you think they are to high? Do you think they are too low?

    Remember, all companies should have an x-factor - a factor that makes them better than their competition. If your company has a really good x-factor(s) then you can charge more for your packages.

    If you have product image/loyalty you can also charge more since users know that they are getting outstanding service, etc.

    Hope that helps you out as well

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