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    Computer Troubles

    Well lets see I tried to turn on my computer this morning and the surge protector wouldn't turn on. I plugged it into another outlet and still no luck. I then plugged the computer directly into the outlet and it still didn't work. I replaced the power supply and now the computer loads.

    It now stops at the No Keyboard Found Screen (Press F1). I press it but of course its not recognizing my keyboard. So i switched the setup from PS2 to USB and still no luck. I then used anothe rkeyboard and still no luck.

    SO CLOSE to making the computer work but now i'm having this problem. Would it have anything to do with the motherboard? ;-) i'm sure theres no connection to the motherboard just for the keyboard/mouse

    what do you guys think my problem may be?

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    anyone ? ;-)

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    Sounds like you blew your PSU and Mobo in one hit.
    Regards, Sam.
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    Sounds like your power supply/mobo blew. When you turn it on do you hear your hard drives spin up?

    Ive always heard stories from friends about computers blowing up but it never happened to me until two years ago.

    (And I mean blow up)

    I was sitting at my desk surfing WHT (yes i really was) and I hear a loud pop, like a gun go off. My roommates run in and we are all trying to figure out what the noise was.

    I was so distracted by the noise that I didn't realize my computer had shut off. A minute or two later we start smelling burnt eggs and I pull my case out only to see a billow of smoke come out of the top fan. (Like a nuke bomb.)

    My power supply blew up and took everyything with it except the ram.

    mobo was dead, hard drive was dead, video card was dead, sound card was dead, network card was dead, proc was dead... you get the idea.

    Hopefully that didnt happen to you =)

    The first thing I would do would be to try a different keyboard / mouse. Then I would take the hard drive and slave it to another machine to pull the data off.

    Then start search for new components.

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    maybe your bios got messed up.
    Try a different mobo.

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    Try restoiing a registry from days earlier (Or if on XP restore a previous registry point)

    The Dude

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    How could he if his computer wont boot, and its a hardware problem?

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    Inside your computer, there is a power connecton that goes from the PSU to the motherboard. Disconnect that and reconnect it.

    Otherwise, as others have said, your motherboard is fried.

    My dad's got fried a few days ago, everything inside went. Motherboard, cd-rom, hard drive, video card, floppy.. all of it.

    So I built him a newer one for $350. 2.08Ghz with 512mb of DDR ram, 64mb video card, 160GB hard drive, burner + dvd.

    Maybe it was a sign? LOL

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    I had this happen to me once. It took the PSU, mobo, proc, 1 stick of RAM, and a HD with it. Everything else worked, but not too it's full capability.

    I'd say there was a surge that your surge suppressor didnt catch, and it may have triggered a mess. Electricity is weird like tha .)
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