Dear prospective customers,
If you are looking for quality webhosting, you have found it. You are not going to get better support options and a stable hosting account anywhere else!

Here's just a snippet of our Plan 1

Control Panel:
CPanel & Member Center to manage your invoices and bills

Disk Space:


Email accounts:

And more for just $10/month.

Why are your prices higher?
By signing up with VeoCom Web Solutions you not only get a good stable hosting service for your website, but also a great support team to respond to any questions or problem you might have. We do NOT believe in overselling to make a 'quick buck', we believe in Customer Satisfaction.

Do you have other plans?
Of course, we have 4 plans, each customized to better fit different customers' needs. We also offer customer plans if none of ours are what you are looking for. Please visit for some information about our plans.

Our website is located at . Feel free to stop by and look at our other great solutions!

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

P.S. Don't hesitate to PM me or post here with any questions.