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    Muscular Dystrophy Forum - Logo and Saying Idea?

    As someone recently diagnosed with MD, I am looking to get a nice forum started on all things MD related.

    I know I will use phpBB, but I need ideas and such for a logo and theme. Something simple you know. Just needs to be nice and clean. Not sure even about a logo, but I figure it would need something other then just the plain old words in the title.

    It could be very generic I guess. I kinda like the logo on the Canadian MDA site,

    Not looking to spend much. The domain name was just registered and it is:

    So the site is "Muscular Dystrophy Forums" I was thinking we might need a little saying as well for the site. Something like "Piecing together the puzzle of MD" or something. I know that was no good but something along that idea.

    Anyone care to offer suggestions, thoughts, or ideas on logos and a saying?

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    Have you sent an email to MD Canada to ask if you can use their logo?

    How about "Muscular Dystrophy Forums- Get Involved"

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    No I did not ask them about the use of their logo. I just liked the basic premise of it and thought someone could offer some ideas.

    I do like the "Get Involved" and may use it.


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