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    * Need a PHP/mySQL or Perl/CGI programmer or Tech Support? Please read.


    I would like to speak with anyone looking for a PHP/mySQL, Perl/CGI programmer or Technical Support.
    I have experience in the following areas:

    Adobe PS 6.0
    Flash 4/5
    Plesk Controls
    Technical Assistance
    and more...

    I am looking to work with companies who want to offer
    programming to their clients or for themselves or are in need of technical support reps. I will work off-site
    remotely only.

    Examples of programs I have developed:
    Guestbook program developed using PHP/mySQL offeres users the ability to
    have a multiple category guestbook, has a small admin backend to allow
    admins to delete posts, add/delete categories.

    CWD Auto Manager v1.0:
    Auto dealer inventory software program written in Perl/CGI.
    This has a complete admin backend to add/edit/delete vehicles from inventory as well
    as c List vehicles function for users and a search feature.

    Both the above demos can be viewed at:

    PHP/mySQL Auto Dealer inventory program:
    Another program I created is an inventory program using PHP/mySQL
    for an Auto Dealer in San Diego, CA. They wanted something a little
    different then the CWD Auto Manager listed above.

    This program tracks vehicle Hits and More Requests per vehicle,
    also has the same options as the other listed above.

    Demo can be viewed on their web site at:

    Please do not make vehicle requests on this site as this is an actual site and I know they would not want the emails.

    Other work includes:
    Help Ticket system on
    Current Ticket system developing
    As well as other development and design projects.

    If you are interested in my services please email me at: [email protected]

    References can be provided on a request basis.

    I *DO NOT* need hosting as we have our own servers. If you are looking for me to do work
    for free hosting I will not be interested.

    Programming Prefered Payment Options:
    I prefer to work on a Pay-Per-Project basis.

    Technical Support Prefered Payment Options:
    Please contact me to discuss hourly rate charge.

    Technical Support Hours Available:
    Monday-Friday: 9:00am-4:00pm PST.
    Saturday: 9:00am-2:00pm PST

    Thank You,
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