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    * Need help with WHM

    Hello ,

    I recently purchase a dedicated server. I setup a reseller account. The problem is that my DNS are on my Ips XX.XX.160.50 and XX.XX.160.51. I want to put all my resellers on a same shared IP (XX.XX.160.50). I don't understand why when I go at XX.XX.160.50 I can see the website of my reseller. I want to have a blank page. How can I setup that is WHM ?

    Thank you very much for your support.

    Best regards,

    Charles pedneault

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    My guess is that you have a nameserver using your XX.XX.160.51 IP...

    I know this could be one possible cause of it.

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    I think you are right... What can I do know to fix this ?

    I have a nameserve using XX.XX.160.51.

    Thank you!

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    Set up a vhost in apache so that web traffic is redirected to for example your company's main site. Regarding listening on the IP, you could go ahead and edit named.conf and tell bind to listen only on certain addresses.


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