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    Unofficial Manchester United fan club

    Just completed few days ago....

    Need some feedback of the design.

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    The header looks good. I especially like your inclusion of that guy who looks to be in rapture next to your logo. At the other end of the header (right corner), I think you should shift the text a tad to the left - just enough to cover that bit of white (next to the "U..") on that guy's shirt. It's distracting.

    The rest of the site looks good too.
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    The diagonal black lines in the header is a graphic cliché that seemed popular in the late 90s.

    The drop shadows in the navigation (Cpanel, Register, etc.) don't integrate with the rest of the site.

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    Thanks for all your feedbacks... Will get it rework soon.

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    The Cpanel is just misleading tho.....

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