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    first steps for ded server any advice? +firewall question

    I'm currently shared hosting reseller with Netcetera in UK. Am thinking of going down the dedicated server route.

    Q1. What server?
    Netcetera offer two options - Windows 2003 Server Web or Std edition 65 and 100 per month respectively. Has anyon experience of them and whether this is good value for moeny?

    Q2. Firewall essential?
    The std version has inbuilt firewall but web edition doesn't - is this a problem? Should I also get an external firewall. Is it worth the extra 65/month money?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Web server does not allow server apps like SQL, it is designed for IIS only really. So if you need the SQL engine, go Standard edition. If you only use MSAccess DBs, web edition is OK

    Web edition allows IPSEC (I believe), which you can firewall with. The firewall is really a fancy front end over the IPSEC layer anyway! Have a gander at the MSDN site (search under NETSH Firewall).

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    Thanks - that was a useful starting point to search under.

    Am still a bit uncertain if I can just run Win2003 Web edition server without having to buy additional security or not. I don't have experinece of this or servers in general but am an enthusiastic learner!

    Any other advice is greatly appreciated.


    P.S. web edition functionality is fine for me, it's only the secuirty issue that really concerns me.

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